To the Mercer Island Community,

First and foremost we want to thank the community and all our guests for all the loving support we received within the last few days especially with the news of the Coronavirus.  This is a relentless time and a huge hurdle that we as a community need to get over together and not try to live out alone.  And with everyday going by and the negative news about this infectious disease rising, we here at Yuzen Japanese Cuisine feel like this is an appropriate time to reassure our customers and our future guests on what we are doing on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the community as well as what steps we are taking to ensure that our business survives these turbulent times.

We are closely following all guidelines given to the public by the CDC, the Public Health Department, and all other agencies and will continue to follow the health safety procedures that we always follow.  And this includes Sanitizing all surfaces that are commonly touched frequently through out the day with chemicals and solutions from Auto-Chlor.

We have been reinforcing and making sure all our employees continue to use the strict 20 second hand washing procedure, and continue to do this every 20 minutes until their work shift is over.  Any time an employee is near the restrooms, before they start to handle food, or if they cough or sneeze we will enforce the hand washing procedure diligently as we have been doing according to health department guidelines.

Most importantly though we will make sure to screen all our employees beforehand to make sure they do not have any signs of illness, and if they do, they will be instructed to stay home.

We want to share what we are planning with the community on the plan we plan on implementing in the next couple days.  Due to the lack of information given to us on how Cornovirus is spreading from person to person, we decided to take the initiative starting today 3/14/2020 on a take-out system that will give our customers a "no-contact" option and the process is:

1.) Customer Calls in the order
2.) Customer gives credit card information over the phone (information will be shredded or burned after receiving)
3.) Customer waits in Vehicle and calls that he/she arrived
4.) Customer picks up order from table at side door (parking lot is available at the side door as well)
5.) Table will have pens and credit card authorization receipt to sign and leave (we highly encourage our customers to bring their own pens "BYOP")
6.) Sanitizer will be there for customers safety after signing

For Customers who do not want to share their credit card number over the phone can leave the card on the table for us to process and we will sanitize the card on leaving it back on the table.

We also offer a wide variety of online options including delivery via Doordash, Ubereats, and Grubhub.  Prepaid online orders will follow the same process as Take-out.  Our online menu is available on  Customers can also email their orders to  Please include your name and phone number with the email orders.